Meat Boutique: Where our tribute begins

Immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience at Char Fuego y Brasas, where gastronomic excellence is the hallmark. Our dedication to quality begins in our own butcher’s shop, Meat Boutique, where each cut of meat is especially selected and dry aged by expert butchers to offer unparalleled flavour and tenderness.

From the sea to the table:Unrivalled freshness thanks to our enclave

Located in a charming fishing village in southern Tenerife, we take pride in presenting the unparalleled freshness of our seafood, especially highlighting the fish from our coasts, brought to us daily by our trusted fishermen. The finest specimens, from the waters of the Canary Islands, one of Spain’s most impressive fishing grounds, offer us spectacular catches such as John Dory or Grouper. These ingredients capture the essence of the ocean and elevate each dish to new heights of flavour.

Symphony of flavours: Representing the Canarian vegetable garden

Our quest for perfection extends to the selection of seasonal ingredients, such as heritage tomatoes cultivated in the Güímar Valley, fresh artichokes, or pineapples from El Hierro, which when expertly treated by our team, create a perfectly balanced harmony of flavours. Each dish is an expression of our passion for quality and culinary art, providing our diners with a unique and memorable gastronomic experience on every visit.