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Tartars & Ceviches

Recommended to be shared before hot starters to whet your appetite

02. Large Snow Crab Leg with Citrus oil and Guacamole 24
Baked in our Josper and sprinkled with lime spheres served with a refreshing fresh guacamole

03. Salmon Ceviche, Red Onion, Organic Miniature Lettuce, Fish Eggs and Avocado Mousse 14
Finely diced lettuce hearts give this dish extra texture and bite

04. Market Fish and Grapefruit Ceviche 14
This simple dish is served with fine shavings of red pepper and spring onion

05. Tuna Tartare and Finely Diced Spring Onion 14
With diced avocado, sesame seeds and a soy sauce vinaigrette dressing

06. Steak Tartare “Luismi” 16
Prestigious Galician beef, hand selected by our butchers Meat Boutique, minced for a velvety texture and served traditionally with a hint of spice to your liking

07. Peeled Iced Heirloom Vine Tomato with Red Onion and Pesto 10
Semifreddo to give a touch of fresh flavour on pesto gel, red onion and shredded nori seaweed

08. Sliced Leg of Canarian Roast Pork Char Style 12
With smoked paprika, rock salt and award-winning olive oil

50. Castro y González Bellota Iberian Ham 22
Delicious slices cut by hand from the best Iberian ham at its best moment

56. Special Ceviche Selection 27
Salmon, white market fish and tuna

57. Char Cheese Board 16
A selection of soft and semi-cured cheeses


21. Char Special Salad 9
Fresh salad composed of roasted aubergine, onion, fresh smoked cheese, tomato and honey and mustard vinaigrette

22. Char House Chicken Salad 12
Charred organic lettuce drizzled in premium olive oil, rock salt and lemon juice with avocado, sundried tomatoes and free range chicken served french style, flattened and rolled

To get you started – recommended to be shared after cold starters

30. Lobster Bisque Soup with King Prawns and Scallops 18
Succulent king prawns and scallops served in a rich creamy lobster bisque soup topped with a splash of crème fraiche and chopped chives

31. Salt and Pepper Crispy Chicken Wings (four pieces) 10,5
A must try! Simply cooked with salt and pepper in the Josper served with our CHAR spicy BBQ dipping sauce

32. Baked Aubergine 10,5
Cooked in the Josper with smoked cheese, served with a light yoghurt, lemon and mint dressing

34. Smoked Josper King Prawn Pil Pil 15,5
A renovated classic, cooked in the Josper oven with a touch of smoked paprika, cream cheese and roasted garlic

35. Foie Gras on Toast 16,5
Portion of grilled duck foie gras on a bed of rustic sourdough toast, caramelized onions with muscovado sugar and chips of serrano ham

36. Salt and Pepper Crispy Squid with Coriander and Sweet Chilli 16,5
(Half portion also available – Please ask your waiter) This diamond scored squid is extra tender

52. Josper Octopus with Canarian Almond Mojo 21,5
Octopus baked in the Josper on a bed of sliced Canarian potatoes with spicy Canarian mojo made with almonds for texture

53. Josper Focaccia 14
Castro y González Bellota Iberian ham with olive and truffle oil, a gentle mushroom and truffle cream and melted smoked cheese

54. Josper Chargrilled Vegetables 14,5
Mixed seasonal vegetables smoked in the Josper and slow braised

99. Aromatic Rack of Lamb with a Herb Crust 24
Cooked at a low temperature and finished in the Josper oven

100. Ten-Hour Beef Short Ribs 21
Slow-roasted for 10 hours and finished off in our Josper oven brushed with a rich star anise and sweet and sour glaze

101. Half a Small Corn Fed Peri Peri Chicken 17
Poached in a bag in our peri peri marinade then finished in the Josper on a bed of pulses and pancetta

102. Our Iberian Pork Secreto 18,5
A juicy, marbled cut of Iberian pork shoulder. Finished on the Josper and served on a bed of black potato and sweet tomato

103. Crispy Belly Pork with Mojo Rojo 17
Crispy belly pork topped with our delicious blend of mojo rojo and soy sauce. Served on a bed of Josper warmed sautéed greens

104. Lamb Cutlets with a Herb Liqueur 32
Lamb cutlets marinated with a light herb liqueur and cooked at a low temperature, then finished on the charcoal grill. Accompanied with sweet red cabbage and a unique Jägermeister sauce

105. Gourmet Mushroom and Cheese Beef Burger 16
Done in the Josper with melted cheese and salad

106. Gourmet Beef Burger 15
Cooked in the Josper oven and topped with caramelized onion, smoked cheese, tender watercress and Pilsen beer sauce

107. Josper Roasted Vegetable Risotto 14
Creamy arborio rice slowly simmered with a selection of organic seasoned vegetables and roasted in our Josper oven

108. Red Lotus Prawn (Carabinero) Risotto 22
Large red lotus prawn served in its own juices in a rich creamy rice

109. Pork Cheek with Malvasia and Vanilla Sauce (award-winning dish from our chef ) 16
A rare delicacy served with our chef’s signature, award-winning sauce made with Malvasia wine and vanilla pods

191. Canarian Potatoes with Truffle 4

192. Skinny Skin-on Chips 3,5

193. Spinach Gratin 6

194. Reduced Port Canarian Potatoes 6

196. Tomato and Onion 3

197. Green Salad 4

198. Mixed Mushrooms 7

199. Seasoned Artichoke Hearts 7

185. Mushroom Sauce 3

186. Pepper Sauce 3

187. Char Special House Sauce 3

188. Mojo Rojo and Mojo Verde 3

189. Bearnaise Sauce 4

131. Josper Baked Salmon 17
Grilled salmon fillet baked in the Josper oven, accompanied by mini organic vegetables and capers butter

132. Char Grilled Market Fish of the Day 20
Prepared in the Josper with a choice of garlic and smoke-infused oil or corinander and citrus

134. Lobster in the Josper M/P
Fresh lobster from our tank, cooked in the Josper oven and served on a bed of Canarian vegetables and potatoes. This dish is so good we’ve decided to keep it as simple as possible

All of our Meat Boutique steaks are served with skinny skin on chips and Josper roasted peppers

Fillet Tenderloin Steak “Anojo”

(24 – 36 month old grass-fed)

151. Fillet … 250g 23,5
152. “Lady Fillet”… 200g 22

Prime Okalan meats ‘Dry-Aged Beef’

Exclusive to Venture Restaurants. This award-winning, fourth generation, family-run business supplies the highest quality, tender steak with a simple, clean flavour. We dry age in our butchers Meat Boutique for an optimum of 21-28 days for a rich, but not too mature flavour

171. Large Sirloin on the bone for one… 500g done in the Josper 26

172. Large Rib Eye on the bone for one… 650g done in the Josper 36

173. Chuletón, Prime Rib Eye on the bone for two… served whole or sliced per 100g 6,5

Our Premium Txogitxu Dry Aged Beef

A deep, ruby-red meat with the rich and robust flavour that Spanish meat is famous for. Heavily marbled and matured for 30-40 days to intensify the flavour

161. Large Sirloin on the bone for one… 500g done in the Josper 30

162. Large Rib Eye on the bone for one… 650g done in the Josper 40

163. Chuletón, Prime Rib Eye on the bone for two... served whole or sliced per per 100g 7,2

“Luismi” Galician Meat of High Expression and Prestige

Currently regarded as some of the best quality meat in the world. We are proud to be distributors of the prestigious Luismi meat renound for its incredible texture and perfect balance of flavours

180. Galician Sirloin on the bone for one… 500g 42

181. Chuletón, Galician Rib Eye on the bone for two... served whole or sliced per 100g 8,5


Via our butchers Meat Boutique, we receive one-off offers to stock unique cuts of meat from different breeds, ages, feeds and regions. These highly prestigious and exclusive cuts are very limited, so please ask your waiter what is available today

201. Chef Samuel´s Weekly Dessert 7,5
Please ask your waiter

202. Three Texture Chocolate 8,5
A luxurious chocolate fondant with a gooey centre and white chocolate genache accompanied with chocolate ice cream

203. Chocolate Dipped Mousse Cones 6,5
Chocolate-dipped waffle mini-cones stuffed with tasty homemade mousse. Ask your waiter for the different flavours available

204. Canarian Banana with Caramelized Strawberries, “Parchita’ Passion Fruit Emulsion and Chocolate Crumbs with Sea Salt 8,5
Finished at your table with a charcoal grill to give a unique smokey touch

205. Barraquito Dessert 6,5
Our version of a barraquito coffee; a layer of sweet condensed milk followed by liqueur 43, coffee-flavoured mousse and topped with a milk foam

206. Cold Coconut Soup 6,5
A refreshingly light cold soup served in its natural syrup

207. Sorbet of Seasonal Fruits 4

208. Sorbet of Seasonal Fruits with Alcohol 5
A refreshing sorbet of seasonal fruits served with a warming shot of alcohol