Char Modern Cocina & Grill opens its doors, marking the beginning of an exceptional culinary journey. From day one, we have been dedicated to the constant pursuit of gastronomic perfection. Our promise is to select only the finest and most premium cuts of meat, ensuring that every bite becomes a unique sensory experience. We are committed to making your visit a gastronomic memory that will endure over time.



In 2021, our commitment to excellence took a step further with the complete renovation of the premises, transforming into Char Fuego & Brasas. With a specialised focus on meats, fresh fish, and Canarian ingredients, we have become a unique experience in the fishing village of La Caleta. This evolution reflects our constant dedication to innovation and adaptation, providing our diners with a welcoming space and a carefully crafted menu.”



The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for us as we were recognised by La Expansión as one of the best meat grills in Spain. This achievement is not only a testament to our culinary ability but also to the passion and dedication we have invested in every detail of our gastronomic proposal.


1 Sol Repsol

In 2024, we received with humility and gratitude our first Sol Repsol. This prestigious award not only represents external recognition but also validates our constant pursuit of excellence. We are proud of the evolution of our restaurant and we thank our customers for being a fundamental part of this culinary journey. We will continue to be committed to offering exceptional gastronomic experiences, exceeding expectations, and creating memories that will linger on the palate and in the hearts of those who choose us.